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Defending student's sex based rights.

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Parents and Guardians: If you want to fully understand the impact of "Gender Ideology" we strongly recommend following the Twitter accounts below.
As school board trustees we will
advocate for the following:
  • For safety and fairness, we will seek policies which require students to compete in athletics teams based on their sex and not their "gender identity".
  • We will seek policies to ensure that students have access to private washrooms, change rooms, showers, and hotel rooms based on their biological sex when in school or on overnight field trips.
  • We will seek policies which prevent the erasure of the word "woman" in all official documents and training materials.
  • October is Women's History Month in Canada. Time to celebrate the many amazing women in Canadian history! Accordingly, for the month of October, some Blueprint for Canada candidates may advocate for the flying the traditional flag of the women's rights suffragette movement as a public show of support for women's sex based rights.
  • Note:  Some Blueprint for Canada trustee candidates may on principle oppose flying any flags beyond the national flag on Canada and those of the province or territory in which a given board in located based on the view that flying any other flag promotes identity politics. We will support either position.
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