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A tale of two flags.

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Blueprint for Canada is a major public policy experiment designed to give Canadians a voice. If you support the majority of positions taken on this platform please share our website with your social network both online and in real life. Most importantly, please consider emailing this website's address ( to your elected representative and ask them to make the "Blueprint for Canada" K-12 education platform policies the standard for public education in your province or territory. Find your local Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP), Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), or Member of the National Assembly (MNA) (Quebec) here. Add your voice today to those of tens of thousands of other parents, grandparents, legal guardians, and concerned citizens all across the country standing up for Canada.

As school board trustees we will
advocate for the following:
  • We believe a distinction must be made between the traditional "Pride flag" and the new "Progress flag". We have fewer concerns with respect to the traditional pride flag because it reflects a show of solidarity with people who were once persecuted for their sexual orientation. The newer "Progress flag" has become symbolic of a more repressive political and ideological movement rooted in "equity", "critical race theory", "gender ideology", and "queer theory" which many Canadians find increasingly questionable, including members of the LGB community.  In light of this evolution, Blueprint for Canada school board trustee candidates will oppose flying any variation of the traditional "pride" or "progress flag" at any time of the year and will vote to support the removal of similar propaganda from inside our public schools.  
  • Blueprint for Canada candidates will not support flying or otherwise displaying any of the increasingly absurd number of gender specific alternative flags as we reject gender ideology.   
  • Blueprint for Canada trustee candidates will on principle oppose flying any flags beyond the national flag of Canada and those of the province or territory in which a given board in located based on the view that flying any other flag promotes identity politics. 
  • We will oppose attempts in any official policy documents or educational materials to redefine homosexuality as an attraction to someone of the same "gender identity" as opposed to someone of the same biological sex.
  • We will respect parental rights for those who would prefer their children not be taught about any specific content in the provincial sex education curriculum. We do so based on the principle that parents should have the final say on matters related to the education of their own children.
  • Seek policies which prevent the erasure of the word "woman" in all official documents and training materials.

We are acknowledge the legacy of inclusion represented by the traditional pride flag only. An inclusion free of hostility, intimidation, and bullying.

The traditional suffragettes flag has become a symbol of women's sex based rights around the world which have been sacrificed in the name of "Gender Ideology". We will advocate to support those rights as school trustees.

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A sampling of the absurd and ever-increasing number of "gender" flags. In some of our public schools, students are required to commit them to memory. We will advocate for the removal of all such flags from our schools grounds and curriculum.

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