Educators speak out on the violence and chaos they are dealing with daily in the classrooms thanks to the "progressive disciplinary policies" of the Ottawa Carleton School District Board. (OCSDB)

Blueprint for Canada is a major public policy experiment designed to give Canadians a voice. If you support the majority of positions taken on this platform please share our website with your social network both online and in real life. Most importantly, please consider emailing this website's address ( to your elected representative and ask them to make the "Blueprint for Canada" K-12 education platform policies the standard for public education in your province or territory. Find your local Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP), Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), or Member of the National Assembly (MNA) (Quebec) here. Add your voice today to those of tens of thousands of other parents, grandparents, legal guardians, and concerned citizens all across the country standing up for Canada.

Visit Woke Watch Canada for factual reporting on the ideological extremism being taught in Canada's K-12 schools.   

Calling all teachers and education workers in Canada. We want to hear from you about the state of public K-12 education. How are those progressive disciplinary policies working out? How is the constant DEI focus impacting your job? Share your story anonymously if needed.  Contact Woke Watch Canada at 

Canadian schools should inspire (not indoctrinate) our kids. Let's encourage their natural curiosity, teach them gratitude for our past, and help them build an amazing future.
The Decline of the School System | Judy Anderson

The full listing of prioritized educator's comments and concerns (March 2023) can be found here in PDF format. The original online copy is located here. Only the first page is shown below.